MXMToon Pool Shirt


MXMToon Pool Shirt

The series features a wonderfully diverse range of storytellers who have clothes in their closets that they just can’t quit. Spanish and American actor Charo appears to discuss the MXMToon Pool Shirt and by the same token and dresses that made her famous, as does Simon Doonan, who adores his cycling pants. Representative Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) comes on the show to talk about her world-famous cowboy-hat collection. But it’s not just focused on celebrities. The first episode of the series, for example, is themed on community and features different nudists talking about why they don’t wear clothes—that they feel more like themselves without wearing them. In episode three, which is focused on new beginnings, there’s also a story of Rudy, who goes shopping for the first time after being in jail for 41 years and reclaims his identity in the process.

MXMToon Pool Shirt

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