Official Greenfellas Aj brown’s Shirt


Official Greenfellas Aj brown’s Shirt

Beginning with Rodrigo driving down the Official Greenfellas Aj brown’s Shirt in addition I really love this Malibu coast in a convertible vintage Mercedes—wearing a Versace headscarf tied around her head like a retro screen siren, naturally—she then pulls into a house to spy on her ex’s new girlfriend as she poses up a storm in a vibrant green Molly Goddard dress featuring the designer’s signature tiers of ruffled cotton. In a trippy series of events, Rodrigo finds herself trying on the same dress, before stepping into a room filled with TV screens that flicker and rewind between scenes of Rodrigo and her love rival in the same settings wearing the same outfits. (Think: Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo with a TikTok twist.)  We might not all be able to soak up those West Coast rays like Rodrigo right now, but when summer rolls around, there are plenty of playful style moments to return to within Rodrigo’s story of mistaken identity under the California sun.

Official Greenfellas Aj brown’s Shirt

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